Thai Chicken Rice was created from the passions of two entrepreneurs from Bangkok, Thailand, Nelly and Jacky. "


" (pronounced "kin- Di") is slang for "Let's eat!!" used among close friends and family.

For years, we have worked to bring the coziness of Thai street food that is quintessential to our close-knit families. Picking up street food always brought excitement because we knew it was someone's special family recipe that was being shared in that one moment. Street food in Bangkok is synonymous to food trucks in the U.S. - sometimes you just have to know where or when to go! Our goal is to bring that coveted knowledge to you, firstly by sharing our beloved specialty, Thai Chicken Rice or "Khao Man Gai". We are proud to offer the most authentic version daily in the DMV made from the freshest ingredients direct to your table.

Follow us on our journey as we add more amazing dishes, fresh from our hearts.

So come and be a part of our family, and "


"! We thank you for your support!

We are located inside “Frontier Kitchen” at 25387 Pleasant Valley Rd Suite #110 Chantilly VA 20152.

Please DM on our facebook page for direct picked up!

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